Weekend spins

Weekend Club Training spins are as follows:


A few club members take part in an intermediate cycle 40/50km in distance on a Saturday morning leaving Woodies at 7.30am.  Anyone who wants to is very welcome to join in on this spin. You can contact William on 086 2447888 for more details.

Saturday morning club spin 

Will be starting at the earlier time of 8am again this week. The spin will leave from the normal place at Woodies Carpark. See route below.


Sunday morning club spin:

Will leave as usual from Moynans bike shop, Nenagh at 9am. This weeks route is our ever popular UL spin, where we will all enjoy a coffee stop at the UL Arena Cafe. We will all return by the old N7 to Nenagh.



If the weather is very bad on Sunday morning, there will be a club turbo session out in Stereame at 9.15am for anyone who might wish to do so.

Sunday spin changes

While mostly very well received, we just want to try to alleviate some concerns that were raised over our proposed changes to the Sunday spins and how they need to run to cater for all in the club, which is the objective. There was no intention to change the way the leisure group has been ran in recent times and speeds mentioned were only a guide to people who haven’t been out as to what they normally turn out to be. As was said, ultimately the terrain will determine the pace and a hilly route is going to be slower than a flat route, no change here and no one gets left behind.

Also we will go back to what we were doing last year with everyone leaving together, led out by the leisure group, and heading out the road for a few kilometres so everyone gets the chance to mingle for a little while. Then we will choose a safe place to stop and split the groups into two or three depending on what everyone wants on the morning. This can all be agreed in the car park before the off. The idea with three groups (probably better described as Leisure / Senior / Open Racing) is simply to stop the senior group from being split up on the road due to mixed abilities when some of the race group have missed some training and want to get in some drills or work to power which is putting too much pressure on some and causing the group to fragment on the road which is no fun for anyone. There doesn’t always have to be a race training group but on one hand, we have members if they miss the Sat training for whatever reason then they need to get in a hard enough session on the Sunday and currently we have members who are staying away on Sunday mornings and going out on their own as they don’t want to be seen to be splitting the group up. This is not a fair situation for them to be in as the Sunday spin should cater for all our members and there may be some of the seniors that wish to do a harder session than normal for whatever reason and if so they then would have the choice to join in with the lad’s drills and drop back after a while if they need to but at least everyone can turn up and everyone can get in the training they need to do. If they turn up and no one wants to go with them then that’s fair enough, they should then head off and they can get their training in on their own and not split up the senior group or else just cycle with the senior group at a pace everyone is comfortable with and roll together two by two as always.
If any members have any thoughts on how to improve the spin, for everyone, please do email them to us(northtippwheelers@gmail.com) so they can be discussed by the committee and we can then do our best to make sure every member is accommodated in what they need from their training.

Club Open Night reminder:

We’ll be hosting another club open night, next Monday evening the 8th of February which will be held from 6 – 8.30pm in Moynans Bike shop, Nenagh. This open evening allows all members to renew their membership and also welcomes new members to the club. There will be “Giant” demo bikes there on display on the evening, we will also have the loan of a Wattbike, thanks to Paul from Buster’s Bootcamp, so anyone who wants can have a go on it 🙂
We will also have club member John Foote of the BST clinic, Ballinderry,  showcasing his sports therapy business on the evening, so your support would be very much appreciated and everyone is welcome to come along and see what our club is all about. Spread the word 🙂
BST Clinic, Ballinderry

BST Clinic, Ballinderry

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂