Sunday & Evening Spins

With the evenings getting brighter and the weather getting better (we live in hope!), we look forward to welcoming more members out on the roads at the Sunday club spins and training sessions. With this in mind we will now be running 3 groups from Moynan’s over the coming weeks as follows:

Group 1:  18-23kph (12-14mph) (This group is ideal for beginners to group cycling)

Group 2:  24-27kph (15-17mph) ( This group is best suited to those with a bit more experience and those who aspire to club racing)

Group 3: 28+ kphh   (18+ mph)  (Club and open racers group).

All three groups will head in the same direction with groups 2 & 3 riding the same distance and route. This means that riders can try a faster pace for a few kilometres, safe in the knowledge that there will be another group behind should they need to drop back.

No one will be left behind.

Currently the meeting time is 9.30am. This will change to 9am from Sunday April 6th.

Evening spins from Moynan’s commence next Tuesday, April 2nd at 6pm and will run every Tuesday. Club racing starts on Thursdays on April 11th.