Some Sunday Spins

Our latest Sunday spin on 6th March saw us do a 98km spin at an average of 28kph. Route was Limerick Road>Ballina>Tuamgraney>Bodyke>Broadford>O’Briensbridge>Daly’s Cross>Nenagh. We’d a welcome coffee-stop at Broadford, with Gerry stumping up (for 10 years’ credit). Hats off to the Country Store in Broadford, and their very friendly staff. Scones and coffees were of the usual high standard, and they’ve significantly improved the outdoor dining area. Some good came of the pandemic.

The morning was cold, but dry and bright. Unfortunately, we ran into an easterly breeze on our run-in from Daly’s Cross to Nenagh, rather than the usual westerly. The length of the spin (98kms), together with that breeze and the rolling nature of the whole route, ensured that some tired bodies were glad to see the end line.

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