Road race 3 results

On Thursday evening the 30th of April we had the 3rd race in our road race series. We had 12 members out on the night but due to a mechanical one of our riders was unable to race so 11 took on the 25.5km course. The race started at Ballywilliam creamery on to the Fivealley roundabout back out the Limerick road to the Silvermines turn off on to the Silvermines and the finish in Dolla. Group 1: Duncan Hodgins, Selina Hynes, Peter Moynan and Stuart Witts. Group 2: Owen Hynes, John O’Carroll & Nanno Vuyk. Group 3: Patrick Bergin, Liam Callaghan, David Kyle & Eoin Woods.  It was a very blustery eve on the bikes but at least the rain stayed away. Group one had a 5.30 head start on group two and group 3 followed a further 3 mins back.  It was a hectic pace from the start but all groups were working very well together. Group 3 caught up with group 2 just coming into the start of the drag up to the Silvermines and 2 of the 3 lads(Owen & Nanno) managed to jump on for a while but were dropped on the last drag into the village. Liam Callaghan went on to take the win on the evening so a huge well done and especially as it was Liams Birthday on the day as well… It was no gift however as both David and Pat attacked and made him work hard for it!! The rest of the podium was made up of Patrick Bergin in second and Eoin Woods taking third place.  Very well done to everyone who came out and raced on the evening, keep up the good work. We would like to thank Jan for timekeeping, Vic and Tracy for taking photographs and thanks to John Spillane, Conor, and Kevin for marshalling on the evening keeping us safe on the road.

Liam in actioin taking the win in road race 3

Liam working hard in the group and went on to take the win in road race 3


Results Table of RR3

  1. Liam Callaghan
  2. Patrick Bergin
  3. Eoin Woods
  4. David Kyle
  5. Duncan Hodgins
  6. Peter Moynan
  7. Owen Hynes/Nanno vuyk (dead heat)
  8. Stuart Witts
  9. John O’Carroll
  10. Selina Hynes

The league table will be updated shortly and uploaded to the usual location.