NTW Road Race 1 Result

We had a fantastic evening for our first road race of the season. We had 3 groups on the night with 4 in the first group, Duncan Hodgins, Eva Moynan, Peter Moynan and Stuart Witts. They set off with a 5 min head start on group 2 consisting of Kevin Byrne, Mikey Connors, Joey Donnelly, Owen Hynes, John O’Carroll, Gary Rowan and Nanno Vuyk. The scratch group then started a further 2min 15 secs back consisting of Patrick Bergin, Liam Callaghan and David Kyle. The handicaps proved fairly spot on with almost everyone coming together pretty much at the line. It turned into a fine bunch sprint for the line with Peter and Duncan managing to just hold on and it was a very close finish with Peter just piping Duncan on the line. The rapidly approaching group 2 didn’t start their sprint early enough and were just shy of catching the lads with Owen a very close 3rd and Mikey very close behind in 4th. The scratch group finished not far back at all but were not able to reign in the second group before the line. A special mention to Eva who finished very strongly in overall 5th and won the women’s category in her first club road race and also to the ever improving Joey Donnelly for a fine performance in his first club road race also. Overall it was a fantastic race and fair play to all the lads out tonight, you all made it a great evening out on the bikes!! 🙂 Big thanks to Jan for timekeeping and Selina for the photographs. Also big thanks to Mike O’Keeffe, Eoin Woods and Conor for coming out and helping with marshalling the route.


Full results below:

  1. Peter Moynan
  2. Duncan Hodgins
  3. Owen Hynes
  4. Mikey Connors
  5. Eva Moynan
  6. Gary Rowan
  7. Stuart Witts
  8. Nanno Vuyk
  9. Kevin Byrne
  10. Patrick Bergin
  11. Liam Callaghan
  12. David Kyle
  13. Joey Donnelly
  14. John O’Carroll

We will have more photos up shortly on the Facebook page and the results file will be updated soon and uploaded to the normal page here.