NTW All Together Spin

All Together Spin


We’ll be having our bi annual All Together Spin this Sunday Oct 2nd to entice people back out after all the summer exploits and get their winter fitness regime kicked off. This will be a leisurely paced spin so if you’ve any aspiration of getting fit over the coming winter and you like the idea of getting out on that bike, drag it out of the shed, give it a dust off and some TLC and get it ready for this great morning out. Everyone is most welcome to join this spin on the morning.

We’ll do our usual and set off from Moynans at 9am and cycle out the Limerick road to Birdhill and then on to the Lakeside hotel for complimentary Tea/Coffee/Scones before returning to Nenagh via the Four Sisters.

We hope to see a big turnout on the morning so, to our members, please as much as possible come along to support the event and bring along any friends who have been talking about trying out cycling to show them the benefits of group cycling, the weather is even looking fairly good at the moment! Nobody will be left behind and you’ll get the opportunity to meet other club members from all levels, make new friends and experience cycling in a large group. It’ll be a great morning out as it always is so see you all there!! 🙂


New initiative for our leisure spins

In conjunction with our All together spin we’re starting a new initiative for our leisure riders after our All Together Spin in an effort to make sure they receive greater support and a little bit of mentoring and also to encourage those people who are going out on their own to come out and see the benefits of group cycling. Come on out, join us and get fit over the winter while having a bit of fun along the way, you won’t be left behind.

The aim is to help our leisure riders cycle more as a group and stay together looking after the weaker cyclists and newcomers and encouraging them to progress their fitness. There will be at least one senior rider each Sunday morning who will stay back to ride with the leisure group and help control the pace of the group so everyone is able to hang in together. The senior riders will be able to give any advice they’ve picked up over the years about simple things like for example a saddle that’s way too low for you, or using your gears effectively etc., nothing really formal just some pointers to help you as you go. We would also like to use this to encourage people who’ve previously been out with us to come back out and get their fitness regime back into action. Also note that we often include a nice coffee stop in our winter spins which is great and gives people more of a chance to chat and even mix with the lads from the other groups, it’s not all hard work! 😉

For those who want to just try it for size, come on in to the meeting spot at Moynan’s bike shop on Sunday mornings at about 8:50am from the 9th October on and even if it’s only a few km out the road at the start and then turn around, you’d be surprised how quickly those kms disappear after a few weeks!