Club Update

We welcome back (the long-overdue) organised Club activities with a Club spin on next Tuesday evening, 6.30pm, Moynan’s Carpark.
The spin will be organised in line with Covid-19 guidelines issued by Cycling Ireland. We would be doing this anyway, but compliance is particularly important given the current high levels of Covid-19 in Nenagh, and the need to avoid the risk of reputational damage to the club.
Cycling Ireland have provided a ‘Contact Training Sigh On/Booking System’ tool for use with club activities. We’ve attached the Link below. Please book yourself on the system before each and every club spin. The Club needs to know who was cycling with whom, and on what dates, to allow for possible Close Contacts tracing.

The current 2021 License only is usable, and it’s mandatory on the system.

Don’t unduly worry about the time slots – the date is what’s needed.

If a club member doesn’t have on-line access, can they please text either Liam or Gerry on the day, notifying them that they are participating in a club activity. We’re defining a club activity as any spin (whether leisure or training) involving more than 3 members.
Previously, one of the senior riders would made a written note of who was participating in a spin. That no longer applies – the onus is now on the individual rather than on any one person to log club participation.

For any scheduled spins, can you please turn up no more than 5 minutes early. Expect the spin to commence within 5 minutes of the advertised start time. We need to avoid club members milling around and forgetting social distancing guidelines. Talking of which, no high-5s, no handshakes, and God forbid, but no hugs. Wearing of facemasks in this 5-10 minute time slot is recommended.

In addition to Contact Tracing, the Cycling Ireland Guidelines also talk in terms of Pods of 15. Our understanding of a Pod is that it’s self-contained and semi-permanent. Once in a particular pod, one can’t simply transfer to another pod on the next spin out. So, who belongs to what pod? A natural group or pod is already present in the Leisure Touring Group (Liam Chadwick’s group). After that, we’ll make a decision on the evening. If the numbers are less that 15 (excluding the Leisure Touring group), the pod will look after itself.

Can we please remind those club members who don’t have a current license that they need to acquire one before they can participate in future club activities (including Tuesday’s spin). We’ve specifically queried this with Cycling Ireland, and there are no grey areas. No License = No Spin.