Club text messaging service


We announced in our club notes last weekend that our text messaging service is ceasing next week and at this stage, if you are on the contact list, you will have received your last text!


To summarise again, one email will be sent on a Monday with all the weekly schedule laid out and it will include details of the Tuesday & Wednesday evening spins, the race route and map for the Thursday evening and also the weekend spins details, all in one email.  The only time a text will be sent out from now on is in the case of an emergency for example if a race or a training spin needs to be cancelled etc. We need all members to send on their preferred email address where they would like this mail sent. You can text it to 087 9177355, email it to, or send a direct message to us on our Facebook page.

We do understand this system will take a little getting used to but we are confident it will be a better way for us to deliver the info you need to plan your weekly activities to you. Please do remember if you need to contact the PRO about anything regarding the weeks events or anything else you can still text the number you all have or reply to any of the emails and you will get a response either way.

Thanks all!! 🙂