Club Notes / This weeks spins

Hi all, we hope ye have all had a good week.


On Tuesday we had our normal evening spin, We had four club members out on the evening, the lads rolled out from Moynan’s and headed out to Dolla and from there the group cycled on to Templederry and they continued on to the Thurles road where the group turned left and headed back to Nenagh, They had a good spin fair play to those who were out on the evening.



Since we were having the club night out on Saturday this week we moved our normal Sunday spin forward to Saturday morning and we also tried out a new type of spin to encourage more people to come out and try out the groups where we completed shorter loops close to the town giving people the opportunity to pull out and head back at any time they wanted to and thus not feel under pressure about not being able to keep up.

We headed out to Cloughjordan on what was a lovely morning for cycling and completed two loops around Cloughjordan before pulling in for a break. We stopped into the lovely Middle Country cafe in Cloughjordan and had some very tasty coffee along with some great banter before finishing off the spin and heading back to Nenagh. We had some very positive feedback on the circuit style spin so we may try this again for the next few weeks and give people the opportunity to come out and try it. Anyone wanting to progress their training to be able to be pushing the pace at the front of a sportif rather than trying to hang on at the back should make it their business to start coming out at the weekends at this time of the year while the stronger lads and ladies in the club are training at an easier pace to normal and will be more than happy to help and encourage those looking to get stronger along with giving tips and advice from their invaluable years of experience. Give it a shot now before those riders start picking up the intensity again closer to Christmas. Also think about coming along to the turbo training evenings during the week that will be starting shortly and there’s no limits to what you can achieve next year!!

On Saturday night we had our end of season night out and BBQ. We had a great turnout of club members and their families enjoying a great night of chat and craic along with some very delicious food also. We would like thank Selina Hynes of Select Catering for the fantastic food on the night and to James in Una Powell’s for having us. We will definitely have to do this again soon! Sorry for the lack of photo’s, everyone seemed to be having too much fun to think of taking any!


Club AGM

This year’s club AGM is on Monday 16th October @ 8pm in the Dapp Inn. We hope as many members as possible will attend. See you all there.


This week’s Club spins are as follows:

As posted last week, we’re making some changes to the way we have been organising the Sunday spins. We’re trying to allow more leeway to pick the best spins for the conditions(i.e. for wind direction or distance based on conditions) and also to reduce the admin work required on a weekly basis so for the next few weeks at least we’re no longer going to post up the weekly spin route each week (or email them out) but we have put together a new page on the website with several routes to choose from here: After we try this for a few weeks and we see how the changes go we can revisit it if needs be.

So the idea is everyone will meet at Moynan’s before the scheduled 9am depart time (allow about 10 mins) and decide a suitable route based on who’s there and the morning’s conditions and split into groups as required.

As we won’t be sending weekly notices about times, when there are any time changes to any of the spins then you’ll see a Facebook post and an email letting you know about it in advance. If in doubt, check the website posts. For the moment the normal spins remain unchanged to:

Tuesday: Club spin leaving from Moynans at 6.00pm. Remember lights and Hi-Vis required as the evenings are well and truly closing in now!

Thursday:  Club spin leaving from Moynans at 6.00pm. Remember lights and Hi-Vis required as the evenings are well and truly closing in now!

Sunday:  Club spin leaving from Moynans at 9.00am.

Depending on numbers present, there will be up to three groups of different speeds.

  1. Firstly a “Green” group that will be around 20-24kph average.
  2. The next group will be the “Orange” group which will be around 25-29kph average.
  3. Finally we’ll have a “Red” group which will do a 30kph+ average.

Have a great week everyone.