Club Notes / This weeks spins

Hi all, we hope you had a good week.

Tuesday and Thursday evening we had our usual winter turbo training sessions take place and they are going very well with members getting in some very good base training.

The Sunday spins got scuppered with the bad weather and a lot of the lads did their own thing in the afternoon so we’ve no reports this week. Hopefully next weekend we’ll be back to normal.

Club Open Nights

We’ll be hosting 2 club open nights as usual this year to allow members to renew their membership and to welcome new members to the club. These will be held on Monday the 30th of January and on Monday the 6th of February in Moynans bike shop from 6-8pm. On Monday the 30th Jan, Eugene from Giant Bikes will be in attendance to talk about the new tubeless tires and also to answer any questions people may have. We will also have the loan of a Wattbike thanks to Paul from Buster’s Fitness. We will also have club gear at the open nights for people to look at and to purchase if they wish to do so. For any new members that join the club there will be no membership fee for their first year but they will need to purchase insurance with Cycling Ireland.

Club Membership fee: €20

Cycling Ireland Membership fees
  • Cycling Supporter €20
  • Leisure Membership €40
  • Limited Competition Licence €70 (Club racing)
  • Full competition Licence €125

Cycling Ireland Insurance

To all members, please note that your 2016 cycling Ireland insurance has now lapsed since the 31st of December. To renew, if you have not done so already, log  in to your account through cycling Ireland, and follow the simple instructions to renew your insurance as it is a requirement for every member to be insured while out on their bike.

Table Quiz

Just a reminder to everyone of the table quiz….

It’s that time of the year again folks, where we will yet again be hosting our annual table quiz! It’ll be held in the Dapp Inn, Nenagh on 24th of February @ 9pm. This is always a great night out and a good laugh so come on out and have a bit of craic with your clubmates. A table of four is just €20 so please bring along as many friends and family as you can on the night, the more the merrier. 🙂


Changes to training spins

Some changes from this week and we’re still trying to perfect this to suit everyone so we’ll try this for the next few weeks and see how it goes. Have a little patience and please feed back opinions after giving it a go to any of the committee.

Firstly the mentoring is ceasing from this week, we hope you all enjoyed the tips and continue to use them as you go. We’re looking into other avenues of ensuring we have guidance in all our groups on the road, more to follow on this shortly…

It was also felt that the guys training for open racing are pushing the pace of the normal groups too much on a Sunday morning so they are going to do a separate longer spin that they will organise themselves. They’ll include intervals and overall will be a more structured approach to the training. There will be people from this group also starting from Moynans on a Sunday morning at 9am so if this is the spin you want then go with them but please note this is a training spin and it is up to you to keep up with the increasing pace and distance. Also note that we won’t leave anyone behind, the lads & ladies will always circle back for those that get dropped during intervals, hills or punctures but the group won’t be slowed down if someone is struggling. If you happen to be the one that’s struggling on a hill for example, then just slow down, do it at your own pace and don’t go into the red. Catch your breath and be ready to go again when it flattens out and the lads come back for you.

This week’s Club Training spins are as follows:

Tuesday: Club turbo training session from 7pm to 8.30pm in Stereame. Contact Pat on 087 6744400 for details and directions. 

Thursday: Club turbo training session from 7pm to 8.30pm in Stereame. Contact Pat on 087 6744400 for details and directions.

Saturday: Intermediate cycle 40/50km in distance,  leaving Woodies at 7.30am.  Anyone who wants to is very welcome to join in on this spin. You can contact William on 086 2447888 for more details.

Saturday: Use the Whatsapp groups to organise a Saturday morning spin for the next few weeks for anyone that wants one.

Sunday: Leaving at 9am from carpark at Moynans.

Depending on numbers present, we’re going to split into three groups with defined speeds.

The 3 groups are;

  1. Firstly a “Green” group that will be for beginners/leisure and that group will be in the region of 20-24kph.
  2. The next group will be the “Orange” group which is an intermediate group and will be controlled at 25-27kph average.
  3. Finally we’ll have a “Red” group which will do in the region of 28-32kph average.

We’ll split into the different groups in the carpark, with Red leaving first, then Orange and finally Green. The orange and red groups will cover the same route but there is also a green group spin that should only take about 2 hours cycling and will still include a coffee stop. The coffee stop is being removed from the Orange and Red groups as people start to ramp up their training for the coming season, they don’t want to be stopping for the longer breaks in the middle of the spins. This doesn’t mean no breaks…, by all means stop for a quick coffee if the group wants to but they will be decided on the morning by the group on the road where you can pull up on the road for a quick bite to eat or into a filling station or shop. Also keep in mind that for those of you who like the coffee stop and the chat, there is nothing stopping you going back to town and having a coffee stop there after the spin before heading home.

For anyone reading this and sitting on the fence about whether to come out and give it a go, come on out and try it. You’ll be well looked after, just come in and be ready to leave on your bike at 9am from Moynans.

So, for this week’s Green route, it’s: Moynans – Toomevara – Moneygall – coffee @ Obama Plaza – Back to Nenagh, 38km.


And for the Orange & Red it’s Moynans – Dolla – Templederry – Borrisoleigh – Templemore – Dunkerrin – Toomevara – Nenagh, 75km. If more is wanted going to Roscrea from Templederry will make it an 86km loop.




Have a great week out there folks!!