Club Notes / This week’s spins

Firstly very well done to all who completed the Chain Gang Slea Head sportive in Kerry and the Pieta House cycles the weekend before last and also to our members who went to support Limerick CC with their tour yesterday. Great stuff out of ye, fair play to all!

All together Spin


Sunday morning we were treated to some lovely sunshine, albeit with a drop in temperature, but such a nice morning helped to see a great turnout for our All Together Spin. It was a very successful and enjoyable morning for all with some very nice warm scones served up to us in the Lakeside Hotel so a big thanks to them for looking after us so well. It was an eventful morning with numerous punctures for some reason… I hope the newcomers weren’t put off and don’t think this happens every time you go out for a spin! At least the sun was shining on us so it didn’t feel like too much hardship getting everyone back on the road and it did give the opportunity to pass on some quick tips on roadside repairs and how not to use CO2 pumps! ūüėÄ I reckon we had as many punctures on the one morning as we had all season in the group spins! ūüėČ The pace was kept together very well and everyone was able to hang in the whole way around. Everyone also got to experience group cycling and it’s benefits with a little rollover training along the way. All in all, a great experience and a great morning out on the bikes! Well done to everyone for turning up and it was great to see some new faces.

Big thanks also to Jan for doing the sign-on and organising the hotel and also to Vic and Tracy for coming out and getting some great snaps of the morning which you can view here.

New initiative for our leisure spins

Next Sunday see’s the¬†start of our new initiative¬†for the leisure group.¬†The aim is to help our leisure riders cycle more as a group and stay together looking after the weaker cyclists and newcomers and to encourage them to progress their fitness. There will be at least one senior rider each Sunday morning who will stay back to ride with the leisure group and help control the pace of the group so everyone is able to hang in together. The senior riders will be able to give any advice they’ve picked up over the years about simple things like for example a saddle that’s way too low for you, or using your gears effectively etc., nothing really formal just some pointers to help you as you go. We would also like to use this to encourage people who’ve previously been out with us to come back out and get their fitness regime back into action. Also note that we often include a nice coffee stop in our winter spins which is great and gives people more of a chance to chat and even mix with the lads from the other groups, it’s not all hard work! ūüėČ

This is an effort to make sure they receive greater support and a little bit of mentoring and also to encourage those people who are going out on their own to come out and see the benefits of group cycling. Come on out, join us and get fit over the winter while having a bit of fun along the way, you won’t be left behind.

For those who want to just try it for size, come on in to the meeting spot at Moynan’s bike shop on Sunday mornings at about 8:50am and even if it’s only a few km out the road at the start and then turn around, you’d be surprised how quickly those kms disappear after a few weeks!

Dates for your diary:

Club AGM – Monday 17th Oct, Dapp Inn

Club Prize-giving Dinner – 7pm Saturday 12th November, Thatched Cottage, Ballycommon. More details to follow.


This week’s Club Training spins are as follows:

Hi-Vis clothing and lights are needed if you are planning on staying out anywhere near dusk. 

Tuesday: Club training spin leaving from Moynans bike shop, Nenagh at 6pm. Route decided by the group.

Tuesday: Club spin 2 leaving at same time of 6.30pm from Moynans where the avg speed will be in and around 25kph mark. Short distances of 40 to 50km will be covered on the evening. Everyone is very welcome to give this spin a go.

Thursday: Club training spin leaving from Moynans bike shop, Nenagh at 6pm. Route decided by the group.

Thursday Club spin for our leisure / intermediate riders leaving at 6.30pm from Moynans, the avg speed will be in and around 25kph mark. Short distances of 40 to 50km will be covered on the evening. Everyone is very welcome to give this spin a go.

Saturday: Intermediate cycle 40/50km in distance,  leaving Woodies at 7.30am.  Anyone who wants to is very welcome to join in on this spin. You can contact William on 086 2447888 for more details.

Sunday:¬†(Leisure Group Mentor: David Kyle)¬†This week we’re starting off with a little reduction in mileage and the beauty of this route is there are several of opt out points for those that are unsure of their capabilities with each one not far from Nenagh if you are breaking new ground! The route is¬†Moynans – Moneygall – Cloughjordan – Towards Nenagh – Left for Ballymackey – Ballinree – Dublin Rd – Toomevara – Dolla – Silvermines – Limerick Rd – Nenagh, 80km.NTW80km

For the shorter options: Turn around in Moneygall, 36km; Return to Nenagh via Cloughjordan road, 42km; Turn back after returning to Dublin rd from Ballinree, 46km; Turn back at Ballinamona Cross, 55km; Turn back in Dolla, 63km; Turn back in Silvermines, 66km; Turn back at Shalee cross via Capparoe, 72km.

Also to let you all know with the evenings all but gone we’re looking into getting the club turbo sessions back up and running and we’ll let you all know more very soon.

Have a great week out there folks!!