Club Notes/ This weeks spins

Hope you all enjoyed your week and weekend…. Lot’s to update you all on this week!

The normal turbo sessions took place on Tuesday and Thursday evening and a dedicated group were out cycling on the Wednesday night club spin.

On Saturday the numbers were down due to some of the regulars being out of action for various reasons but the remaining lads had a great spin. They made use of the new WhatsApp service to decide on a route and after a nice flat 100km route was requested they settled on the hilliest “flat” route I’ve seen for a while… I’d hate to see what they call a hilly route! The weather was someway kind to them in that it stayed relatively dry but there was a fairly serious wind to contend with which made those flat hills all the harder… All in all they had a great mornings training and all were very happy to get more great winter miles under the belt.

Sunday morning seen a good few lucky members get to try out some rather nice Giant demo bikes thanks to Peter Moynan and Giant Bikes. Some very fancy machinery on show it must be said and all were very impressed with the quality of these fine machines. One even got crash tested!! Don’t worry folks, the bike came away unscathed…. ūüėÄ All joking aside no one was hurt, it was just a lapse in concentration that caused a fall and thankfully a scratched elbow was the only injury sustained. This just serves as a reminder of how simple a split seconds lapse in concentration could lead to the whole group coming down.¬†Thankfully the rest of the spin was less¬†eventful and the two groups had a great spin to UL for some lovely coffee and an odd scone. The Senior group added an extra short loop before the coffee stop and the timing was perfect with both groups arriving at the cafe at almost the same time. Everyone enjoyed the warming coffee and then quickly got back on the road home where the seniors that were feeling strong had a spirited run back to Nenagh. A really enjoyable morning spin!


Some quick pointers for those new to group cycling:

  • Be aware that everything you do has a knock-on effect on everyone behind and beside you.
  • You are responsible for the safety of everyone around you as you are for your own well being.
  • Always pay attention to the wheel in front of you and don’t allow any gap to form. A steady pace makes it easier on everyone.
  • Call out hazards well in time when on the front and carry the calls back through the group.
  • Cycle two by two and hold the lines, no weaving in and out or moving up past the rear wheel of the person in front of you.
  • When rolling through at the front, don’t create a big gap for the person you’re passing to close.
  • Unless you’re physically spent, roll through to the front when it’s your turn, you don’t have to stay there but being afraid of the front and forcing a gap to form to allow you pull in behind whoever is sitting at the front breaks everyones rhythm plus it’s not fair on the poor guy who gets left sitting on the front for an extra turn. It’s far better to keep the formation going and just roll straight through after getting to the front. Even a few turns of the pedals on the front will be appreciated by the group.

This is not a comprehensive list, just some quick pointers. For more info check out our Club Etiquette page and our Beginner’s guide page.


Club Open Nights

We had a very successful first open night last Monday and there was a great turnout of members on the night. A big thanks to everyone who came in and we want to give a warm welcome to the new members who signed up on the evening. We’ll be hosting another open night this evening, Monday the 8th of February which will be held from 6 – 8.30pm in Moynans Bike shop, Nenagh. This open evening allows all members to renew their membership and also welcomes new members to the club. There will be “Giant” demo bikes there on display on the evening, we will have a Watt Bike there thanks to Busters Bootcamp on the night to have a go on, so bring your cycling shoes with you(it takes Look cleats) ūüôā and we will also have club member John Foote of the BST clinic, Ballinderry, ¬†showcasing his sports therapy business. Your support on the evening would be very much appreciated and everyone is welcome to come along and see what our club is all about.
BST Clinic, Ballinderry

BST Clinic, Ballinderry

Table Quiz

Just a reminder to everyone of the table quiz….

It’s that time of the year again folks, where we will yet again be hosting our annual table quiz which will be held in the Dapp Inn, Nenagh on 19th of February @ 9pm. This is always a great night out out and a good laugh. A table of four is ‚ā¨20 and please bring as many friends and family as you want on the night, the more the merrier. ūüôā




 Mizen to Malin 2016 Update


Preparations for our planned cycle this coming August are well under way. We will be putting up a separate post soon with all the details you need to know about accommodation, the route itself and a training plan to get you through it. For the moment, the cost has been worked out to be ‚ā¨400 per person which includes travel to the start and from the finish and also 4 nights Dinner,Bed & Breakfast. Those who have confirmed their interest in participating in this cycle will need to give a ‚ā¨100 deposit to secure your spot. We currently have a waiting list of people who want to do this spin so make sure you get your deposit to Jan(087 1374354)¬†no later than February 29th or spaces will be given to those on the waiting list!!



This week’s Club Training spins are as follows:

Tuesday: Club Turbo training session in Streame from 7pm -8.30pm. This will be a structured training session and please contact Liam on 087 6322618 for more details.

Wednesday: Club night spin leaving from Moynans at 7pm.

Thursday: Club Turbo training session in Streame from 7pm -8.30pm. This will be a structured training session and we encourage members to give it a try.

Saturday:A few club members take part in an intermediate cycle 40/50km in distance,  leaving Woodies at 7.30am.  Anyone who wants to is very welcome to join in on this spin. You can contact William on 086 2447888 for more details.

Also the usual cub training spin will be leaving from Woodies car park at 9am. This weeks route is¬†Woodies – Portroe – Ballina – O’Briensbridge – Daly’s Cross – Limerick – Newport – Ballinahinch – Silvermines – Dolla – Toomevara – Nenagh.

NTW 100km LimerickToom loop

Sunday: Usual spin leaving from Moynans bike shop at 9am. This weeks route will be Moynans РBorrisokane РBirr РRoscrea РNenagh.



Keep an eye on our WhatsApp group chats for any updates or changes. If you want to be added to the NTW leisure/ intermediate or Race Training WhatsApp groups just download the app and let us know to add you.


Have a great week everyone.