Club Notes/ This weeks spins


We hope you all enjoyed the weekend.

Saturday morning there was an earlier start time for the normal training spin which left from woodies car park but this time at 8am. Four extremely hardy cyclists headed around the lake. It was dry morning starting off but by the Fivealley things went down hill as it started to snow and it continued like this until they reached the four sisters, then the same happened on the Clare side. The lads had to stop in Portunma as unfortunately liam’s hands were like a block of ice and they had to stop to try get some heat back into them, they headed off again but when they reached Borrisokane a very welcome coffee break was had. This time liam put his hands into the coffee cup to warm them up 🙂 so very well done to ye lads, you are a dedicated bunch 🙂 on what was a bitterly cold day.

The lads on the Lake spin Saturday

The lads on the Lake spin Saturday Liam, Eoin, Joey and Kevin.

Sunday there was a smaller group than usual out on the club spin due to the poor weather, it did  turn out to be a warm morning but there was strong winds to contend with. A couple of members completed the entire planned route, while some others decided to take the shorter way home once getting to Borrisokane. Overall everyone had an enjoyable morning out on the roads. Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us next weekend.


Club Open Nights

We’ll be hosting 2 club open nights as usual this year to allow members to renew their membership and to welcome new members to the club. These will be held on Monday night February 1st and Monday night the 8th of February in Moynans bike shop from 6-8pm. There will be “Giant” demo bikes to try out and for you to look at in the shop the week leading up the second open night. Everyone is welcome to come to our open nights and see what our club is all about.

Table Quiz

A date for the diary folks, its that time of the year again where we will yet again be hosting our annual table quiz which will be held in the Dapp Inn, Nenagh on 19th of February @ 9pm. This is always a great night out out and a good laugh. A table of four is €20 so bring as many friends and family as you want on the night, the more the merrier. 🙂


Mizen to Malin 

Just a quick update, the planning is well under way for our Mizen to Malin cycle in August and we’ll have more details on route, hotels and booking deposits very soon. We are really looking forward to this trip!


This week’s Club Training spins are as follows:

Tuesday: Club Turbo training session in Streame from 7pm -8.30pm. This will be a structured training session and please contact Liam on 087 6322618 for more details.

Wednesday: Club night spin leaving from Moynans at 7pm. Avg speed between 25/27kph.

Thursday: Club Turbo training session in Streame from 7pm -8.30pm. This will be a structured training session and we encourage members to give it a try.

Saturday:A few club members take part in an intermediate cycle 40/50km in distance, averaging 25kph on a Saturday morning leaving Woodies at 7.30am.  Anyone who wants to is very welcome to join in on this spin. You can contact William on 086 2447888 for more details.

Saturday:  Usual cub training spin leaving from Woodies car park at 9am.

Sunday: Usual spin leaving from Moynans bike shop at 9am.

As we are experiencing alot of unsettled weather of late we will post up the Saturday and Sunday club routes closer to the weekend on our website as we want to wait and see what the weather will be like at the time and keep you more informed on the conditions. 

If you want to be added to the NTW leisure/ intermediate WhatsApp group just download the app and let us know to add you.

If you want to be added to the NTW race training WhatsApp group just download the app and let us know to add you.

Just contact us on to be added to the WhatsApp groups.

Also from now on for the Sunday spins we will be splitting the groups in the carpark into three groups leaving separately to try to avoid the groups splintering on the road. The idea is to form three groups, Leisure / Intermediate / Seniors depending on who is there and what they want to accomplish with their training. Agree this before the start, let the pace be known and stick to it! As a guide (this is not set in concrete as the terrain will ultimately decide) but Leisure should be around 22-25kph, Intermediate 27-28kph & Senior 30kph+. These are average speeds for the entire ride, not maximums… The fastest group leaves first and after a minute or so the next group and so on. Some of the race lads may want an easy spin as they may have already completed a hard session the day before and can choose to stay with the intermediates but if they do so they need to not drive on the pace of the intermediates beyond what it is meant to be. On the other hand any intermediates wishing to try moving up to the senior group and progress their training go out with an understanding that the seniors won’t wait for them if they are suffering (the senior lads need to get their training completed also) and they must be willing to drop back to the intermediate group if they can’t keep the pace. Never worry about having a go and having to drop back as this is how you progress and it gets easier each week and if you pull up or just turn around and cycle back you would only be on your own for a few minutes before you would meet the other group.

Also have a read of our cycling etiquette page here.


Have a great week everyone 🙂