Club Notes – Phase 3 Cycling Update

Hi all, as we have now passed the 29th of June, the club can officially resume cycling activities. We will resume our usual  Tuesday and Thursday  evening club spins and our Sunday morning club spin, all of which start from outside Moynan’s bike shop located in the Kenyon Street car park.
Before we set off on our merry way, it is imperative we follow the items listed below:
  • Club spins at this time are for club members only


  • Groups of no more than 15 members are permitted


  • Social distances to be maintained as per the HSE guidelines


  • Members should review before they attend each club activity their own self assessment screening questionnaire

Peter Moynan will record the names of the members who attend our club cycles. This is extremely important so please make sure Peter has recorded your name.
There is a recommendation that all club officials and members complete cycling Ireland’s online Covid19 eLearning course. It takes approx. 15mins and has some very useful advice and takes you through what to do in some potential  scenarios if symptoms of Covid 19 are reported during any of our club activities. Follow the link attached to complete.
More Detailed information on Cycling Ireland’s Guidelines can be found at
NTW Committee
This Week’s Spins:
Tuesday & Thursday @ 6.30pm, Moynan’s
Sunday @ 9.00am, Moynan’s