Club Notes

Hello to all at North Tipperary Wheelers from the Committee.


I hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to seeing you out on the road soon.


Some positive news.


The Club membership fees of 20 euros will be waived for 2021 season.

To those who have paid the Club membership already, will automatically be registered with the club next year 2022.


It’s the clubs way of easing some of the financial stresses that people maybe under during this pandemic.


It’s important that people continue to avail of Cycling Ireland membership to ensure they can cycle with peace of mind that they are insured in the event of an accident.


Membership of Cycling Ireland is mandatory for any Club activity,  even training with other members.

Cycling Ireland have suggested everyone taking out Leisure license as a minimum, with upgrading to more appropriate licenses as circumstances permit.


Unfortunately, the North Tipperary Wheelers open road race scheduled for the 21st of March has been cancelled for this year.

The North Tipperary Wheelers Tour Lough Derg scheduled for the 16th May, looks likely to be cancelled also.


Some members were involved in a promotional event organised by, Nenagh Live, for St. Patrick’s Day.

Watch out on social media.


The horizon of which activity will resume is uncertain for now, but we are hoping it will not be long until we can commence cycling together again.


Stay safe and take care.