Club Gear update

The club apologises for the delay in delivery of the last gear order from Giordana, the causes of which were totally beyond our control. It has been caused by internal management problems followed by a bad fire in an adjacent factory leading to massive health & safety problems for Giordana. Due to this delay, the committee made a decision yesterday to cancel the order we had placed as they continued to refuse to give us a confirmed delivery date after we had given them ample opportunity to provide us with one, and we felt that it was no longer acceptable to keep our members waiting indefinitely.

Due to this we have now secured a new supplier, Velo Revolution, for our gear and we are going to hold a fitting session happening this coming Monday 20th Apr in Una Powell’s Bar, in a private room upstairs between 6pm and 8:30pm. 

This will allow members see what’s on offer as they supply a vast range of gear and also try it out for size as there may be very slight differences in sizing to the old gear. They are an Irish company and supply very high quality custom clothing which is made in Italy. Have a look at their site at the link above or their facebook page here to see some of the fine work they have done for other clubs around the country.


We will be taking orders on the night and we are looking at an 8 week delivery once we get the design finalised. Looking forward to seeing you all there!