Club Cyclist of the Year and J.Moynan TT Series Competitions

Congratulations to Pat Bergin winner of the club ‘cyclist of the year’, the competition that finished Thursday last, and to Stuart Witts who won the J.Moynan TT Series.  Mikey Connors and Liam Callaghan finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in the club cyclist of the year competition and Liam Callaghan and Kevin Byrne finished 2nd and 3rd in the J. Moynan TT series.  Well done to Pat and Stuart and to all riders who took part in club competitions so far this season.

 2014 Club League Table and ‘cyclist of the year’  – Winner: Pat Bergin

The competition for club cyclist of the year comprised of all 10 road races and the four (J. Moynan Series) TTs.  The league table structure afforded each rider the opportunity to miss 2 races (one road race and one TT to account for personal holidays) without this effecting their league standings. The final standings of the league table was therefore based on the 3 best time trial results and the nine best road-race results to be counted. The final club race league standings can be viewed here:Week 14 July July 31st FINAL


2014 J Moynan TT Series – Winner: Stuart Witts

The J Moynan TT series consisted of the four TT races scheduled as part of the club season. TT results can be viewed here J.Moynan TT Series FINAL results

The league table structure and format seems to have been popular this year with riders who took part in club racing. However, as this is the first year using this structure it will be reviewed prior to the 2015 race season and all members, particularly those who raced this season are welcome and encourgaed to provided feedback on this league format by email to prior to September 31st.

The club race league and J. Moynan TT Series may already be decided but there is still lots up for grabs before the end of the season and trophies!  Club Championship races and the ‘Flying Mile’ will be battled out for the remainder of August.  Details will be announced over the next 24hrs.