Club AGM 2018

The club AGM for 2018 was held last Monday 22nd October in The Dapp Inn, Nenagh. A big thank you to the members who gave up their time to attend and participate in this very important event in the club’s calendar. The AGM started off with the chairman’s address by Owen, and was followed by the yearly report, standing orders, and minutes from the 2017 AGM from club secretary Jan. Kevin then presented the annual financial report. The highlights of the year were undoubtedly the successful running of the Munster TT Championships, the Open 40km TT, and the Open Road Race, and the achievements of the various racers throughout the year who did the club proud on the racing scene, especially our two new National Champions John Foote and David Kyle.

The chairman thanked the outgoing committee for their hard work and dedication throughout 2018, and after this it was time to select the new chairperson and committee for the coming year. Club chairman Owen Hynes announced his intention not to put himself forward for re-election (though he was happy to be part of the new committee for 2019 if elected), and also taking a step back this year are Selina Hynes (PRO), and committee members John Foote, Eoin Woods, Brendan Hayden, Michael Molamphy, and Peter Moynan. A big thank you to all the 2018 committee members for their time and efforts, and for helping to make 2018 such a successful year for the club. The club would also like to say a special word of thanks to Owen and Selina for the tremendous work they have done for the club over the past number of years as chairman and PRO.

And so the process of selecting a new chairperson and committee for 2019 began, and after a much needed intermission to catch our breath we finally saw white smoke! Congratulations to new club chairman Noel Kennedy and his committee, and good luck for the coming year. The new committee are:


Noel Kennedy – Chairman

Jan White – Club Secretary

Conor Hannon – Assistant Club Secretary

Andy English – PRO

Stephen Hogan – Social Media

Rob D’Alton – Club Captain

Liam Chadwick

Eoin Ryan

Owen Hynes


Kevin Byrne will continue in his role as Hon. Treasurer


Standing L-R: Liam Chadwick, Andy English (PRO), Stephen Hogan, Rob D’Alton, Owen Hynes,
Seated L-R: Conor Hannon, Noel Kennedy (chairman), Jan White (secretary)
missing from photo is Eoin Ryan


Finally we want to say a big thank you to Susan and Frank from The Dapp Inn for their kind hospitality in allowing us the use of their bar to host our meeting.

Here’s to another successful and fun year ahead for NTW!