Championship Hill Climb Results

Hi folks, another beautiful evening for racing this evening and a great turnout for our Championship hill climb event.

The route was a simple one with a little change from a traditional hill climb event giving everyone the chance to be well warmed up before hitting the big hill! The route started from Ballinamona Cross and headed along the flatish road to Dolla where they turned left and started into the roughly 6 and a half km of a climb with the finish all the way at the very top of Bolingbroke, on the straight just past the old school. Everyone was let off one by one in the same style as a time trial and it was a race between man(and woman, can’t forget you Eva 🙂 ) and hill. All aerodynamic aids were banned from the race to try to keep the playing field as level as possible so no one was allowed to use a TT bike or tri bars etc. to gain a big advantage on the flat section, they just had to rely on their grit and determination to get themselves to the top as quickly as possible!

There were some fantastic efforts put in on the night and once all the handicap points were applied the title of Club Hill Climb Champion 2018 goes to Eoin Woods, who was also the fastest man on the night too with a blistering time of just 24 min 49 seconds to conquer the 14.5km course!! Fantastic time Eoin, big congratulations to you!! Super results all round with another fantastic time from young Joseph Donnelly who kept Eoin very honest in his victory and was only a shade over 30 seconds behind Eoin on handicap to take second! Third spot had to be shared between both Michael Crowe who set another brilliant time of just over 26 mins, the second fastest flat time on the night, and another brilliant time from Dermot Kelly who was only a handful of seconds behind Mike once his handicap was applied and the two boys couldn’t be separated once the points were applied. There was really some fantastic times set this evening on the testing route and you all did unbelievably well with a special mention to John Caulfield, great to see you back out racing John, well done!! You can see the full table of results below. Thanks a million as always to Jan and Conor for doing the start and finish timing on the evening and Joey for marshalling.

Well done everyone and see you all hopefully tomorrow night for our IGM and our little summer get together afterwards. 🙂