Another Sunday

Sunday, the 2nd April, saw us out on a cold but bright day, doing 87kms at an average of 30kph. The route was Nenagh>Roscrea>Birr>Borrisokane>Nenagh, with a wind seemingly forever against us after we turned in Roscrea for Birr.

We had a demonstration of some superb balancing skills at a stop in Roscrea, as Andy seemed to balance on a sixpence for a full minute. Very impressive. Now if Andy could just simultaneously juggle half a dozen dinner plates as well, he’d be a definite shoo in for a job in the Circus! (Just joking! No, it was very skillful).

Liam had one of those rifle-shot punctures mid-way to Birr. Always a bloody nuisance, but if they occur at the right time they can have their upsides. A chance for a breather, a visit behind the hedge, and to strip off some layers. The latter chance was particularly useful, as it was one of those morning that started off very cold and then warmed up. Layers are essential, but you don’t always get the chance to peel them off.

We had coffee about 6kms outside Birr (Carrig, I think – good seating, pleasant stop, low-key), and pushed on home. Travelling through Nenagh, Rob (the ‘man in black’) had two near ones in near succession, thanks to some appalling driving. No damage done, but it was a reminder of the danger of travelling through built-up areas, and the fact that there are always idiot drivers out there.

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