AGM 2013

A brief update for members….

The North Tipperary Wheelers AGM was held on Monday December 11th.  The exceptionally high turnout by both racing and leisure members reflects the established and continued enthusiasm in the club which has served cyclists of all ability in the Nengah and North Tipperary area of the last 30 years.

Whilst the AGM presents the much welcomed opportunity for members to meet and share cycling tales in a relaxed atmosphere, the business end of events saw the election of a new committee and the adoption for the first time of a club constitution.  Pat Bergin replaces outgoing president Duncan Hodgins as the new club chairperson, and Liam Callaghan fills the role of the first ever Club Captain.  The incoming committee comprises of both established seasoned members and a number of new faces all of who are representative of both the leisure and racing groups.  

The first ever Club Constitution was adopted following amendments by members on the night.  The Constitution reflects the continued commitment of the club to be responsive to the needs of its members, to develop cycling abilities of all levels and to promote the enjoyment of cycling in the Nenagh and North Tipperary area.  The success and continued growth of the annual club tour of Lough Derg was noted as was the two new ‘All together Cycles’ held during the year enabling members of all abilities to cycle together.  

This is a great time to give feedback on club spins or on your aspirations for the year.  Enjoy the revolutions!