A Tuesday Evening Spin

We’d 12 out on last evening’s spin, mainly Leisure cyclists but with a few Senior riders thrown in for the fun. There were none of the usual punctures, or even someone coming off. Just the usual examples of bad and dangerous driving, and a free-for-all on the last 5kms. The distance was 61km, @ 31.7kph.

The author, who shall be anonymous (for reasons of embarrassment) somehow mistook one of the balmiest evenings of the year for expected cold weather, and came kitted out in his winter gear. Predictably, he got steadily basted during the ride.

The only other unfortunate feature was that of half-wheeling. We had a very naughty student merrily at it last evening. He’s known to his Gaelic friends as ‘Leath Roth’ (‘Half a Wheel’). God between us and all harm, but will we ever teach him!

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