A Good Dirty Spin

As Liam, our Group Leader, said “Great spin, had it all, cold, muck, railway crossings, hills.” Add to that, some right good slagging, and a good coffee shop. Talking of which, the coffee was sponsored, in a partnership of sorts, by Sean and Paul. Sean agreed to cover the first €50, with Paul volunteering for the balance. When the bill for €58.50 was presented, Paul collapsed to the floor, clutching his wallet tighter than his heart. The lads reckoned that a tip would have rightly done for him.

The spin took in the Limerick Road to beyond the Railway Crossing>Castleconnell>O’Brien’s Bridge>Killaloe>Bothar Road, and back to Nenagh. All in all 71kms. Cold and wet at times, always gritty, but not at all bad for an early January morning.

The photo above includes Michael óg (green shorts) with his new bike. It excludes Liam Callaghan, Club Chairman, who took the photo while standing in the middle of a busy road. Good one, Liam!

Here we have Roger with pastry and coffee. Roger is on a ‘Marie Antionette’ diet, whereby he swaps out bread for pastries. Roger found the diet on the internet. He has found that the diet largely offsets the loss of calories on Club spins, a loss which, to directly quote Roger, is “wrecking my figure”.

Here we have Mike on his third puncture (no, really, THIRD). Fortunately, Peter (our resident and much prized mechanic) was on hand to help out, as always. Peter had a busy day of it, doing at least the price of a Washing Machine service with his puncture repairs.

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